As a part of our project development services we offer the services stated below

Website Development
eCommerce portal development
Web Applications Development
Desktop Applications
Client Server Applications

Delivery Model

As a first step towards cost reduction to our customers, we practice outsourced model for development. Since its inception, Virtue Group has focused on one principle "Maximize leverage by generating savings in cost, increased productivity, time to market and enhanced quality". Our approach is phase wise as listed below:

Frame the basic prototype of the proposed solution
Design and develop the basic demo versions for the system users
Prepare the basic framework and other groundwork for the solution
Build and integrate the solution
Validate and verify the solution against requirements and its feasibility for further enhancements
Rollout the solution across your organization
Support and Maintenance of the solution

Support & Maintenance

Support and Maintenance services are provided to existing applications and legacy systems that are currently running and require constant monitoring and modifications as per the changing business rules and requirements of the customers. We provide these services to the client in the following areas:

ASP Model procurement portals
Telecom Billing Systems
Network Management Systems
Supply Chain Management Systems

Delivery Model

Companies invest in diversified ways and on diversified assets in view of long-term returns and benefits. They also do this to improve their process and make them easier which in turn saves time and money. This has been a significant and successful methodology for cost cutting. For any investment or asset there is a period of saturation where companies feel that they need more functionality to be added to the current systems. Thus they look out for software companies that provide maintenance and support services. We, apart from the routine of the maintenance and support services, provide the value added services that makes our clients happier.