Today's government agencies face unprecedented challenges. Citizens clearly want to interact with government electronically. They want to renew drivers' licenses and vehicle registrations online, search vital records, track legislation and pay taxes. Within the government, public workforces require better access to information. Emergency response agencies need to share data regionally and nationally to strengthen homeland security.

Social workers need information compiled from multiple systems to form a comprehensive view of their clients. And remote workers throughout government demand convenient access to key internal applications. Jurisdictions need effective technology to meet these complex requirements. But they must implement new solutions in a budget environment that offers few extra resources to get the job done.

The 9/11 incident also brought in challenges to Homeland Security and Governments are scrambling to ensure that the country’s borders and as well as other areas such as transportation, inbound cargo and other security venerable areas are protected using the latest and advanced technology. Nissi Software Solutions, Inc Solution to Government Agencies

Nissi Software Solutions, Inc has been a long time player in the Government markets, especially in the State and Local Governments. Having established some of the Master Services Agreements with some of the State and County Governments has given the ability to Nissi Software Solutions, Inc to offer its proven solutions to the Government Agencies.

Some of the areas of Nissi Software Solutions, Inc’s engagements in Government are: migration from legacy to newer systems, benefit payment modules integration and implementation, business process Management (workflow) design, development and implementation, enterprise-wide integration, Integrated Voice Response System integration, and content, document and records management.