Developing sophisticated, mission-critical software solutions is a complex task. Most companies understand how critical it is to devote resources and time to software testing and Quality Assurance (QA). However, we at Nissi Software Solutions, Inc understand our clients' need to compress the release cycle while aspiring to build a product with superior quality to satisfy their end customers.

At Nissi Software Solutions, Inc, an industry-strength QA process is an integral part of every one of our engagements. Our process incorporates QA from the inception phase itself rather than leaving it to the end of the development cycle. Our seasoned QA specialists understand that fixing software defects towards the end of an engagement can prove to be much more expensive than proactively removing defects during design and development. This approach is critical since nearly 65% of all defects arise from bad design or misunderstood requirements.

Nissi Software Solutions, Inc world-class QA experts follow our mature, well refined QA approach, and utilize state-of-the-art test labs and various QA automation tools to ensure best-in-class software quality for our clients. Our established QA Service gives you:

A comprehensive defect-detection system. Improved testing productivity and enhanced test coverage. Ensuring the complete mapping of user specifications. Mapping the non-functional requirements. Reducing number of application failures.

We provide the following Services in QA and Testing:

Structural (White Box) Testing includes Condition/Decision Testing, Loop Testing, and Basis Path Testing. Functional (Black Box) Testing includes Function’s Capability, Boundary Value Testing, Computation Testing, Input Testing, Software /OS Interface Testing.

Testing Non-Functional Requirements includes Usability Testing, Software Reliability, Performance Testing (Using Tools), Security Testing, Configuration Testing.

Regression Testing includes Regression Analysis & Testing, Maintenance Testing, Product/Project Monitoring, and Test Automation.

User Acceptance Testing and Interoperability Testing.

The benefits achieved using Nissi Software Solutions, Inc QA Services are:

Reduced total cost of ownership of the products for the customer. Reduction in testing time: Automation of test cases reduces the testing cycle times while improving the testing accuracy. Eliminates the risk of low quality. Supports easier defect diagnosis.

Nissi Software Solutions, Inc offers the following value proposition to its clients on Testing Services:

Extensive expertise in various automated QA testing. Excellent team of technically and functionally skilled people. Framework based automation solution.

Reduced operations cost through offshore leverage in a phased manner.